A7 Industrial — easy real-time management of Fast Big Data


WHAT IS А7 Industrial

A7 Industrial is: 

  • Big Data synchronization;

  • a process history storage and their own processing;

  • flexible logic and process modelization;

  • direct interaction with devices and SCADA;

  • hot reconfiguration.

Industrial Scheme.png

Who needs A7 Industrial

Usage of A7 Industrial doesn't require any special knowledge. The most of processes is automated. A7 Industrial can satisfy both beginners and experiences professionals.

For Beginners

A7 Industrial starts to work right after being installed:

  • the access profile forms automatically (users and groups)

  • OPC servers are determined automatically, and the tag base is being generated right away

  • storing with adaptive recording density launches automatically

  • integrity and relevance of information for users is being maintained automatically

Configuration can be easily changed in the working process.


For Professionals

A7 Industrial will attract professionals with: 

  • high speed of feedback

  • development velocity

  • orderly structure and visibility

  • easy maintenance and manageability

Purpose of A7 Industrial

The main directions of using A7 Industrial: 

  • Industry 4.0

  • Digital Twin

  • roles management


Also A7 Industrial can be effectively used for registration of quick processes' settings, such as:

  • automatic management systems for productions and energetics

  • registration systems for scientific experiments

  • meteorology and seismic systems

  • non-stationary geoinformation systems