А7: Object Database

The foundation of A7 is an object database without any binding to a programming language. A7 ODB means speed and flexibility.


Optimisation for quickly changing systems.

  • Object-oriented data model

  • Trees, links, rows

  • Templates, inheritance

  • Custom functions

  • Events during changes

А7: Distributed Data

А7: Temporary Database

A7 TDB is a specialized solution, which may be applied to work with scientific, meteorological, industrial and financial data.

Storage of data that constantly change in time, like stock prices and currencies, temperature and pressure values and many other.



  • High speed of record and reading data

  • Automatic creation of data layers

  • Data compression

  • Automatic creation of history data storage

A7 has a powerful mechanism of external distributions that allows:

  • Making distributed calculations,

  • Interacting with real and virtual devices,

  • Connecting to the Internet services.

You can use either an open protocol or SDK for creating external distributions of A7.

А7: Expansion Packages

A7: GIS Packages

  • Map

  • Heating network

  • Water supply system


A7: Communication and Industrial Packages

Packages allow to pretty easily integrate millions of devices. There are supported clustering, load balancing and reservation. 

  • Industrial appliances  (MODBUS TCP, MODBUS RTU, MODBUS ASCII)

  • TCP Server

  • TCP Client


Connectivity to SCADA systems and OPC servers is available:

  • OPC DA (for working with OPC servers)

A7: Data Exchange Packages

  • JSON Data

  • XML Data

  • SQL Data

А7: Система разграничения доступа

A7 has two systems of selectable access. The first one is maximally fast, optimized for industrial and scientific experiments, and the second one is maximally flexible.


Fast version

All the rights in the system are being implemented on the group base. There can be any number of users in the system, but only 8 groups. 

Any A7 object can have a custom access level set by groups.



Full version

The number of groups, subgroup nesting and users is not limited.

Any A7 object can have a custom access level set by groups or users.



There is added the set of rights for ease of administration: the roles.


The system maintains virtualization  there is created a separated space inside A7 with its own data, users, groups and an owner.

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