A7 Industrial is convenience in everything, including easy deployment and maintenance. You can expand the licenses as your projects grow. Your opportunities are borderless!

A7 Industrial Express it is intended for familiarization and for non-commercial projects. A7 Industrial Express is free, however its capacity is more than enough even for difficult projects.

A7 Industrial


A7 Industrial Standard is intended for commercial projects. It contains everything needed for implementation and support of your projects. You will be able to maintain valid quality of data management. Along with that, A7 Industrial Standard is easy to use and support.

A7 Industrial


A7 Industrial Ultra is intended for very big projects. A7 Industrial Ultra has practically unlimited possibilities in scaling and capacity. Thanks to distributed arrangement, A7 Industrial Ultra is able to significantly save on server powers, not only provide a needed capacity.

A7 Industrial


As our experience tells us, a number of projects would need something exclusive.  A7 Industrial Individual is not truly a version, but our willingness to help you in your projects with a special optimisation made just for you.

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